"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

~Albert Einstein


Kids still have joy. They love to learn. Let’s give them the gift of keeping the flame alive.


We understand true education begins with the foundation in reading. We teach it in a way that allows children to activate their sponge-brains and make the connections through play and exploration.


Fearless Reader Journey

What Can You Expect?

  1. Fearless readers have the tools that even good teachers are not allowed to teach anymore. (They might not even know this exists.)

  2. Fearless readers face challenges rather than feel intimidated.

  3. Fearless readers think expansively and creatively. Let’s face it – reading is a superpower!

30-Day Fill in the Gaps Challenge


30-Day Headstart into Reading


  • For kids 8+
  • 30 days of instruction (5 days a week over six weeks, excluding holidays)

  • Besides the teaching sessions, there will be games and fun challenges to deepen their connections to the materials and enhance their newfound skills.

  • For beginner readers (ages 5-7)

  • 12 weeks of instruction (5 days a week, excluding holidays)

  • A multi-sensory teaching/learning technique that is the absolute best way for any child to learn, regardless of learning style.


Who is Kristy and Why Should I Trust Her with My Child’s Learning?


“Kristy has a gift for immediately engaging kids and making them feel like they can do whatever is being asked of them. My daughter is blind, but Kristy just knew how to reach her.”

~Kelly D., San Diego


“My son stopped arguing with me and started asking me to read with him.”

~Jorah H., San Diego


“My parents pulled me out of school when I was eight because I was sick. Kristy homeschooled me all the way through high school. Now I just completed my master’s degree and I still use the strategies she taught me. She is the best there is.”

~Conrad W., San Diego


“My 16-year-old daughter was, I thought, doing okay. Then I found out she was struggling to read but was afraid to tell me. We did Kristy’s summer intensive workshop, and she jumped up three full grade levels. Everything just clicked.”

~Maricela P., San Diego

We absolutely love it when a kid lights up and says, “I get it!”

Let’s light up our kids and let them shine.

Let’s reignite that spark in older kids and parents who lost it a long time ago.