A Different Way To Homeschool


School has become overwhelming for so many.

Take a deep breath! We're here to help.


Who says homeschooling your child can’t be fun, relaxed, and rewarding?


Build your instructional foundation. Inspire imagination. Unleash your child’s genius.

For children in grades Pre-K to 3rd grade.

For many parents like you, reeling from the uncertainty and changes of the last few years, homeschooling might seem like a shiny, perfect solution.



Until…you start to worry.

  • I don’t even know where to start.
  • I’m not a teacher.
  • What if I do it wrong and mess up my kids forever?
  • I can’t spend seven hours a day teaching.
  • What about my job?
  • I can’t imagine making my child sit still and focus for hours every day.


Yet, you still can’t help but feel that homeschooling is the right choice for you and your family.

This Is Me!


Imagine an educational program where children are:

  • Honored for their unique gifts.
  • Encouraged to try new things. 
  • Taught how to solve problems creatively.
  • Allowed to take a break when needed. And even when it’s not.
  • Supported in learning in their natural way. (eg: one child may prefer reading while another needs audiobooks; one child may be a math whiz while another needs manipulatives; etc.)
  • Celebrated for the incredible individuals they are. 


Now imagine that you are the one providing that education for your child.

Don’t freak out. We know what you’re thinking: “How am I supposed to do all this?”



Barefoot Learning Club is a teacher-AND parent-led community that gives you:

  1. All the tools you need to make the transition into homeschooling. 
  2. A full curriculum, custom-designed by a 30-year veteran public educator. 
  3. Guidance every step of the way to help YOU use the methods in a way that works for you and your child.
  4. Unparalleled support- both digitally and LIVE- to get you and your student to the finish line.


In Barefoot Learning Club, you have all the flexibility you want with the guidance you need, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by how and what to teach. 
You’re never doing it alone.
Our Unique Approach


In March 2020, when the schools closed down, Kristy knew she could never return to teaching. She was miserable. The joy, the spark, the inspiration to learn, and the engagement were all gone from the students’ school experiences… and from her own. 

And she didn’t blame them.

Alysia ended that school year with major concerns about her children and what it meant to be part of the school system.

So this seasoned teacher and determined parent partnered to create a solution: The Barefoot Learning Club.

You’re not wrong to have some serious doubts about what’s happening in modern schools. 

  • Are they safe? 
  • How much time is being wasted on behavior management? 
  • How are teachers getting any teaching done? 
  • Is my child happy in school?
  • Are they learning? And if so…
  • What is my child actually learning? (Let’s face it - there are some questionable “curricula” out there.)

We believe it’s time to step into our collective power as parents and educators and begin educating our children in a way that keeps their spark and joy alive and helps them grow and thrive as humans on this planet.

I'm Ready To Join.