Your kids (the Littles) will be reading within the first 30 days, and it just gets better!


And for older kids, expect at least a one-year jump in reading level.


The unfortunate truth is...Your kids have been set up to fail.


This is not new. You yourself probably have major gaps in your abilities too. Did you struggle to read? Did you have to memorize bunches of “sight words?” Did school make you feel worn out?


It’s not the fault of the teachers, administrators, or school system. It is political and part of the systematic dumbing down of our kids.

What if you give your kids real tools for reading? That take away the frustration, guilt, and fear and provides them with unbeatable skills to tackle anything?

Now imagine that your child is thriving and confident in reading all the way into adulthood. What kind of life could this give them?


We believe one with unlimted possibilities!

Tell me more!

Imagine an literacy program where children are:

  • Honored for their unique gifts.
  • Encouraged to try new things. 
  • Taught how to solve problems creatively.
  • Allowed to take a break when needed. And even when it’s not.
  • Supported in learning in their natural way. (eg: one child may prefer reading while another needs audiobooks)
  • Celebrated for the incredible individuals they are. 


The truth is that there are a few kids who will read no matter what the schools do to them. Kristy was one of those kids – reading actual books at age 3. She was fortunate that she had teachers when she was a Little that realized she could read and kind of left her alone with her books.


Then she began teaching and worked with kids who are labeled “learning disabled.” She saw firsthand how just a little bit of filling in the gaps would light them up.

We're on a mission to FLIP THE SCRIPT.

We make reading a fun and joyful experience that sparks the imagination and natural creativity in all of us.