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Barefoot Learning Club is a pioneering educational platform that prioritizes the joy of learning and empowers children and parents to thrive on their educational journey.

Kristy Boyd Johnson is a distinguished educator with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Her extensive and varied teaching background includes working within school systems, tutoring children with learning differences, advocating for their needs, and homeschooling individuals and groups.

Kristy's passion lies in igniting the spark of joy in learning for young minds and creating a paradigm shift in education that benefits students, parents, and teachers alike. Her expertise and dedication make her a driving force behind the innovative Reading Literacy Program at Barefoot Learning Club.

Alysia Seymour is a devoted mother, fantasy author, and mystic with a profound passion for embracing the magic of life.

Through years of personal exploration, she has cultivated a parenting style that centers around freedom and empowerment, rejecting rigid rules.

As a guiding force behind Barefoot Learning Club, Alysia brings her innate understanding of parenting and spirituality, creating a safe and supportive space for parents to connect and discover their Inner Guidance on their soul-led parenting journey.

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