"Learning can only happen when a child is interested. If he is not interested, it's like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating."


~Katrina Gutleben


If you’re ready to transition your child into homeschooling, but you don’t want to follow someone else’s rules…


If the idea of figuring out how to do it makes you want to throw a chalkboard eraser…


We’re here to support you.


Barefoot Learning Club was designed by a teacher who has known for a long time that there was a better way and by a mother who desires nothing more than for her children (and herself) to feel free and happy in life.

Meet Kristy Boyd Johnson


A 30-year veteran teacher, Kristy Boyd Johnson has an extensive and varied teaching background. In addition to teaching within the school system, she also tutored kids with learning differences, advocated for them, and homeschooled both individuals and groups. She took it upon herself to study under the Riggs Institute and specialized in teaching kids with learning difficulties to read, write, and spell with ease. Kristy’s vast experience has taught her what works- and what doesn’t- when it comes to educating kids, whether struggling or gifted.

As has been the case for many teachers on the front lines, being part of the public school system was an ordeal for Kristy. She worked hard to prevent kids from falling through the cracks, but she’s only one person. As a result, she held a vision for a paradigm shift that would benefit students, parents, and teachers everywhere. 

Barefoot Learning Club is the implementation of that vision. Together with her business partner, Alysia, they have created and developed a unique and wonderful opportunity to change the course of elementary education in a way that teaches students and parents alike HOW to learn rather than what to learn.

Kristy has also authored several children’s books, including the forthcoming middle-grade reader, Doofus, and the beginning reader series, Lily Star, Monster Hunter. She lives in San Diego, CA, with her family.

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Meet Alysia Seymour


A mother, fantasy author, and mystic, Alysia has a passion for all things magic. Her experience as a mother spans 12 years - the age of her oldest daughter (add that with her 8-year-old, and that makes 20 years!)

Along with observing the changes in the school system, she's also known for a very long time that the old ways of parenting weren't aligned for her family. Years were spent focusing within herself to cultivate a way of parenting that felt good to her- a way that wasn't of punishments and hard rules. 

She found that letting go and being more hands-off as a mom worked far better than the ways she was taught. Alysia discovered by doing the work within herself first, her kids naturally followed suit. For Alysia, the Barefoot Learning Club is a place for parents to come together with the new vision of learning to also create a new vision for parenting - one that allows both adults and children to be free and happy. 

Parenting is a journey that never ends. And just like life, it comes in cycles - with highs and lows. But, when you can keep your center, it's amazing how easily your kids can keep theirs.