“My son stopped arguing with me and started asking me to read with him.”


~Jorah H., San Diego


30-Day “Headstart into Reading” Beginning Literacy Program


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  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the program.
  • Access to your teacher, Kristy, via the Private Facebook Community.
  • For beginning students ages 5-7, and very young kiddos who are struggling.

  • 30 days of instruction, 5 days a week, excluding holidays.

  • Young kids learn to form the letters properly and make the required sound-symbol connections. This is all new for the Littles, so we go a little slower. We want them to succeed, not feel pressured or rushed.

  • We go deep into Extreme Phonics so that kids don’t have the confusion that plagues so many these days.

  • We use a multi-sensory teaching/learning technique that is hands down the absolute best way for any child to learn, regardless of learning style or any “impediment” (such as dyslexia).

  • We know life happens, so each day will be recorded so you can watch at a time that works for you.

  • Although we know life happens, this is an intensive. Each day builds on the day before, so skipping days will impact your results.

  • Kids will show confidence in their ability to read words, leading to reading sentences, and comprehending the materials.

  • Kids will be reading!


It's never too early to learn to read.


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“When you chose to prove to yourself how powerful you really are, you have no idea who you will be helping in the future.”

~Dr. Joe Dispenza