Benefits of Homeschool with Kimberly Gawne

Dec 09, 2022
Barefoot Learning Club
Benefits of Homeschool with Kimberly Gawne

This week, Kristy talks with Kimberly about the biggest benefits of homeschooling as opposed to a traditional classroom - the three BIGGEST ones being the ability to allow creativity in all learning, deep connection with the child and parent/teacher, and the freedom for children to be who they are.

Kimberly is the founder of Star Students, a company that provides alternative and extracurricular learning solutions for parents with students in grades K - 12, specifically for parents who are dissatisfied with the public or private schooling system, for whatever reason that might be. What makes them different from any other educational company is our personalized learning approach and their overall stance towards education - Star Students provides the progress without the politics.

Connect with Kimberly:

Homeschooling can be fun & easy for kids and parents! 

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